Commercial flight training

Commercial instruction course

Cost $3,995.00

Pre-requisites for taking the checkride for a commercial license is 250 hours total time, a private and instrument rating for a single engine commercial
20 hours dual (cessna 172)
15 hours ground
Written exam
FAA Check Ride

Professional Pilot Course

This 250 total hour flight training package consist of Private, Instrument, and Commercial Multi-Engine certificates:

Airport Transportation fees (MCO to EVB, EVB to MCO upon start and end of training)
Enrollment Fees
Total Duration Estimated 6 Months
Up to 6 Months Accommodation (accomodations are based on double occupancy)
Total Flight Time 250 Hours
200 Hours Single-Engine (cessna 152 and 172)
20 Hours Multi-Engine
30 Hours Simulator
All Examiner Fees
3 Ground Schools (pvt, inst, comm)
3 Written Exams (pvt, inst, comm)
3 Check Rides
Medical Exam
Charts, Books, headset's and Supplies
I-901 Fee
Fingerprints Fee
Everything is included in this course no hidden cost
Guarantee Total Cost $42,900.00

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