Discovery Flight - only $89*

Do you dream of flying? Do you look up when you hear an airplane fly overhead and wonder how it would feel to be in the Pilot seat? R & R Aircraft offers a fun and affordable way to see if pursuing your Private Pilot License is right for you... and this intro flight can be recorded in a training logbook.

You'll meet your R & R Aircraft Instructor when you arrive, and have a preflight briefing.

You learn many interesting facts about your aircraft as your instructor coaches you through preflight inspection, run up and taxi to the active runway... but the best feeling will be taking the controls, with your instructor's guidance, applying full throttle and taking off for a 45-minute training flight. Just call to schedule an appointment. It's time satisfy your curiosity and take your place in the Pilot seat. Be sure to ask about our student loan programs if you are interested in financing.

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