Aircraft Time Building

Cessna CE-152 $55/hour (Dry)

Cessna CE-152 $85/hour (Wet)

Cessna CE-172 (160 BHP)  $65/hour (Dry)

Cessna CE-172 (160 BHP)  $98/hour (Wet)

Piper PA-28 (Warrior)  $65/hour (Dry)

Piper PA-28 (Warrior)  $98/hour (Wet)

PIper PA-34-200 (Seneca I)  $180/hour (Dry)

Piper PA-34-200 (Seneca I)  $300/hour (Wet)with instructor

All prices are hourly rates based on a 25 hour block of time.

Fuel surcharge does not apply at this time(Subject to change)

Fuel reimbursment based at $3.55 Per Gallon

A minimum of 25 hours is required to be able to take advantage of the block rate, and hours are required to be flown in a 30 day period.

Pricing available for smaller and larger time blocks

Enrollment Fee / one time paper work fee $ 150.00

All renters are subject to checkout in aircraft type before rental. 

Minimum rental (for planes scheduled 6 hours or more):

  4hours per day, Monday through Friday

4 hours per day, Saturday/Sunday/Holidays

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